The collections
In addition to bespoke uniform services, Lady and Butler offers three distinct collections, suitable for private residence, hotels, resorts and restaurants. Each collection represents a unique vision:

Monte Carlo: Glamour, sophistication and grace.
New York: Sharpness and allure. 
St. Barths: Playfulness, ease, and spirit of the beach. 

Individual pieces may be mixed and matched. Slight modifications in the design, fabric, and color will be accommodated.  A minimum of 36 units/style is required to complete an order, and volume discounts are available. In addition to stock uniforms, Lady and Butler offers two primary custom uniform design/production packages.  As with the uniforms from the L&B Collection, our custom uniforms feature a flattering fit and practical materials.   Delivery times for custom uniform orders will vary depending on fabric selections and design elements.  

Fully Bespoke Uniform Collection
For clients who wish to truly stand out, Lady and Butler offers a full custom design service. We will work with the client to select fabrics and colors, and create uniform designs that perfectly complement the client’s space and bring their brand identity to life.  A design fee applies for the development of fully customized uniform pieces.

Modification of Existing L&B Designs                                                                                                                                                           Lady and Butler also offers customization of its existing designs and collection uniforms.  We will work with clients to refine pieces from our portfolio, incorporating minor design modifications to create uniforms that represent the client’s brand and work with client interior design elements.